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Our fishing boats will help you try catching your dream record-breaking fish...

We have decided to offer you our more than ten-year experience with fishing at the river Po delta. Certainly you have also heard about prime catches of wels (even we managed to catch a 100 kg odd wels) as well as carps nearing 30 kg. The river Po delta is very productive for all fish well-known in the Czech republic such as glasseye, eel, bream, barbel etc.

Fish are active and well catchable here even in the coldest months of the year, the water temperature seldom drops under 9°C. Und die And those not so keen or non-anglers can marvel at the beautiful nature with rare birds even directly in the protected territories.

You can spend several days sailing on the river with your hobby!

The PC 32 boats are equipped with A/C, furnished kitchen with refridgerator, microwave owen, shower and chemical WC and of course instruments for fishing from the boat. The port on the river Po, where our fleet harbours, lies in the town of Porto Viro cca 50 km far from Venice (Venezia in italian).

You can park your car here in a guarded and monitored area and take advantage of services of a restaurant, a pizzeria and during the season also of a swimming pool, a toilet and a shower...

- fishing in a beautiful location on the italian river PO

- own fleet of boats (PC 32, BB 18, Kmax , Marine)

- you don't need driving licence for boats

- fishing runs NON-STOP and all year long (3 fishing rods)

- we provide everything including a fishing permit

- full service including a guide

- our boats are comfortably equipped

- you will get to know hundreds of kilometres of rivers


Letní dovolená v deltě řeky pád.

Pro letní měsíce červen,červenec,srpen jsme pro vás připravili akční ceny. Hauseboat PC-32.....15000.-kč BB-18.......7990.- kč Sisi-78......4990.-kč Za akční cenu si také můžete objednat balíček v kombinaci. Hausebot PC-32+BB-18....19.990,- kč PC-32+SISI-78...18.490,-kč BB-18+SISI-78..11990,-kč Ceny jsou uvedeny týdenním turnusu Sobota-Sobota. aktualita

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Léto na rybách

Pozor pozor  velká slevová akce pro měsíce červen,červenec,srpen!

Máš rád rybolov a láká Tě vyzkoušet si  něco jiného než tuzemskou rybařinu ??

Nebo jsi ostřílený harcovník a máš políčeno na jednoho z mnoha sumčích gigantů ?

  Pak neváhej a využij slevovou akci na letní měsíce v deltě řeky Po


Objednávejte právě teď za akční ceny

 +420605741110       +393802170113


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